About Us

Who We Are

MICAH Inclusion staff are passionate and committed professionals who have chosen to work in this field. We are all continuous learners and seek to understand and support every child to achieve their potential. Many of us have lived experience with Autism and disability and extensive experience.

Meet Micah

Micah is the little boy who began the journey for his mother, Liz Martin, into the astonishing and fascinating world of autism. In 2015, two year old Micah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the most severe level. Micah’s diagnosis meant that Micah needed the highest level of supports which were not available in the South West. Liz threw herself into intensive learning and training she needed to be able to create the therapy and services her son needed in Bunbury.

Meet Liz

Liz is the mother of Micah and Kai, both diagnosed with ASD, a teacher with over 20 years of experience, a therapist, behaviour analyst and a passionate autism and inclusion advocate. Liz has worked in primary and early childhood classrooms across the South West, as a Level 3 Classroom teacher, specialising in the social inclusion of children with Autism and the implementation of evidence-based practices in the classroom. She has advocated successfully for equitable funding for children in the South West prior to the NDIS rollout. She has facilitated carers networks, presented across the state workshops for teachers and educators and supported many families on their journey with their children with Autism.

In 2020 Liz completed her Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis, and in 2021 became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Progressive ABA is the key evidence-based therapy that can help reduce the disabling features of Kai and Micah’s autism and nurture their unique strengths. The incredible successes Micah and Kai’s progress has lead to Liz sharing her knowledge and passion with other families, teachers, educator and other therapy providers.