Our Policies

Feedback and Complaints Policy

1. Purpose
This procedure provides guidance to persons who wish to provide feedback, raise an issue or concern, or make a complaint about us, regarding our services. This procedure is intended to ensure that we handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively to the satisfactory resolution within a reasonable timeframe and that appropriate actions are taken to improve our services where required. This procedure should be read in conjunction with our Feedback and Complaints Management Policy, which provides information about the key principles and concepts underpinning our Complaints Management System.

2. Who can make a complaint
Any of Micah Inclusion’s clients as well as their families, carers, representatives and advocates, as well as statutory bodies, government agencies, stakeholders, Workers or any other person, may make a complaint to or about Micah Inclusion about its supports, services, practitioners, employees, contractors, volunteers and other Workers.

A complaint may be made on an anonymous basis. You can make an anonymous complaint:

(a)   by calling the number in section 4.1(d) below and stating that you wish to make an anonymous
complaint (so we don’t ask you to identify yourself); or

(b)   in writing by filling out a Feedback and Complaints Form but not including your name or other details
that may identify you and posting it to the address specified in section 4.1(c) below.

3. Rights to access advocates
You may seek support from family, a friend or an independent advocate in making a complaint. If you require an advocate or representative, please let us know and Micah Inclusion would be pleased to cooperate with, and facilitate arrangements for, advocates (including independent advocates) and other representatives.

4. How to make a complaint
Our culture provides for a safe environment for people to speak up so we can respond appropriately, and acknowledge when our services have not met expectations or applicable standards. You should feel confident to make a complaint or provide negative feedback without fear of adverse consequences, retribution or loss of service as a result of making a complaint to us, or with the NDIS Commission, about our services and supports. Complaints are important — they can help us to understand what is important to you and improve the quality of services we provide, so your complaint can help other people too.

4.1 How to make a complaint to Micah Inclusion If you feel comfortable, you are encouraged to raise your concern or complaint with us first, as this is often the best way to have your issue resolved quickly.

A person wishing to make a complaint to Micah Inclusion may do so:

(a) in person to the Principal or a Worker;
(b) by email to liz.m@micahinclusion.com.au;
(c) by post to: 6 Paisley Street, South Bunbury WA 6230; or
(d) verbally by telephone to 0439 887 239.

For all written complaints, you are encouraged to provide your complaint in the form of a Feedback and
Complaint Form.

4.2 How to make a complaint to the NDIS Commission For NDIS Clients in New South Wales, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria or Tasmania, a complaint can be made to the NDIS Commission by:

● Phoning: 1800 035 544 (free call from landlines) or TTY 133 677. Interpreters can be arranged.
National Relay Service and ask for 1800 035 544.
● Visiting https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/about/complaints and completing a complaint contact form.

The NDIS Commission can take complaints about:

● services or supports that were not provided in a safe and respectful way
● services and supports that were not delivered to an appropriate standard

5. More information

● Fact sheet: How to make a complaint
● Video: Understanding complaints

The NDIS Complaints Management Resolution Guidance provides more detailed information about the NDIS
Commission’s complaints process.

Cancellation Policy


MICAH Inclusion is committed to supporting families in accessing services, and realises that events happen that result in appointments being cancelled. We also committed to valuing our employees’ time.


This policy relates to all MICAH Inclusion activities and applies to all employees, contractors, students, advocates, Directors and others who may act on behalf of MICAH Inclusion.


Application of Policy
MICAH Inclusion is committed to meeting its obligations under the NDIS Price Guide and Policies 2020.


Short Term Cancellation
Where a Short Notice Cancellation is made MICAH Inclusion may charge 100% of the agreed fee associated with the activity from the client’s plan, in accordance to the NDIS Price Guidelines and Policies and the terms of the service agreement with our clients.

A cancellation is a short notice cancellation if the client:

● does not attend a scheduled session within a reasonable time, or is not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time when the support worker/therapist is travelling to deliver the support; or
● has given less than seven (7) clear business days’ notice.

MICAH Inclusion will only charge, at their discretion, for a Short Notice Cancellation of the delivery of a service to the client if all of the following conditions are met:

● the NDIS Price Guide indicates that providers can claim for Short Notice Cancellations in respect of that support item; and
● the proposed charges for the activities comply with this Price Guide; and
● the provider has the agreement of the participant in advance (that is, the service agreement between the participant and provider should specify that Short Notice Cancellations can be claimed); and
● the provider was not able to find alternative billable work for the relevant worker and are required to pay the worker for the time that would have been spent providing the support.

While we have no hard limit on the number of short notice cancellations we have a duty of care to our clients and if an unusual number of cancellations occur the Business Manager, Clinical Director or Program Manager will endeavour to meet with the client to develop a plan going forward. This is not required of the cancellation policy of the NDIS but MICAH Inclusion is committed to providing a client focused service. Therefore, in the event of a Short Notice Cancellation we will make every effort to provide our clients with indirect services. Such indirect service may include making resources, updating an individualised intervention plan, or other alternative services.


No Shows
If a client misses a session without contacting the therapy team to cancel a full fee will be charged for the missed session. Our team will endeavour to make contact and reschedule. If no contact is made after two attempts then the responsibility shifts to the client and their family to make contact to resume services.


Staff Cancellation
If MICAH Inclusion staff needs to cancel a service, no charge will be incurred. Clients will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule.


Cancellations during sessions
If a client becomes unwell or the client’s circumstances change during a session, the session will be fully charged. However, the remainder of the time will be used providing indirect services.